Finding CDs in the Library Catalog

Begin your search at

To find CDs from the Library Catalog, click on the Catalog tab.










To search for CDs only, limit your search to Sound Recordings.














Also, you can search by Keyword, title, Call Number or Author/Composer, but Keyword is generally the best option when searching for CDs.

You can look for all of the recordings of all the works of a composer in our collection by entering the composer's name and limiting the search to Sound Recordings. You can also look for all the recordings of a specific work of a composer.

To further limit your search, use the opus number of a work rather than the genre.








You can find out which pieces are included in the recording often just by looking at the title. You can confirm all of the pieces in the recording, as well as who the performer is, by clicking on the title.





You can verify which pieces are in the recording by looking at the Contents line. You can also see who is performing by looking at the Participant/Performer line.


To modify your search further, (for example, if you wanted to find all of the recordings of opus 18 by just one performer) click Titles...










 then Edit Search.






Use quotation marks to indicate a phrase.






You can find the call number in the list of results.










You can also find it by clicking the title and looking at the record located under Holdings Information.






Now that you have found the recordings you are looking for, you need to provide the call number to the staff of the Music and Media Center, located on the 4th floor of Howard Tilton Memorial Library. They will retrieve the recording and check it out for you.

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