Printing & Copying


Self-service black-and-white copy machines are located on the first and second floors of the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. A copier is available outside the Latin American Library on the 4th floor as well. Copies cost 10 cents per page.


A networked printing system at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is designed to print high-quality laser prints from work stations throughout the library building and in the Architecture Library in Richardson Memorial Hall as well.

There are two black-and-white printers located in the Learning Commons. There is also one black-and-white printer in the Quiet Area of the Learning Commons, and one located in the elevator lobby on the third floor. There is a color printer located in the Learning Commons.

Print Instructions

  • When you are ready to print, select a printer in the print window on your workstation. You have several print destinations in the Howard-Tilton Library to choose from.
  • At the Print Station, run your card through the card reader. Use the mouse to retrieve your print job(s) and select "Print" to print. That's it. The system tells you how much each print job will cost and how much value is left on your card.

Cost of Printing

Black & White prints cost 10 cents per page. Color prints cost 70 cents per page.

Who Can Print

Tulane Students, Faculty, and Staff can use the printing system with their Splash cards, adding cash value to their cards at vend stations in the library (in the 1st Floor lobby near the elevators), at the Lavin-Bernick Center, or at Richardson Memorial Hall. Visitors to the library are also encouraged to use the system, purchasing a card at vend stations in the library (in the 1st Floor lobby near the the elevators) or at the Lavin-Bernick Center.

Alternatives to Printing

  • Save documents to a flash drive and take them with you in an electronic format.
  • E-mail documents to yourself. This option is available in the library catalog and many library databases.
  • Citations and call numbers can still be easily written with free pencils and scrap paper provided at the libraries.
  • Text citations and call numbers to yourself from the library catalog

Adding Value to your Card

The card dispensers at the Howard-Tilton library (in the 1st Floor lobby near the elevators), the Lavin-Bernick Center, and on the 1st floor of Richardson Memorial Hall allow card holders to add cash value to their purchased cards or to their Splash cards. Just follow the directions at the machine.

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