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Learning Commons AreaHoward-Tilton has comfortable accommodations for group or individual study...

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons on the first floor of the Howard-Tilton Library is a dynamic, collaborative student environment combining research, technology and media in a new campus facility.

The space features individual and group work areas, a large-screen collaborative work space, comfortable seating in a variety of configurations, and iMacs and PCs equipped with an array of software, including productivity apps and media production tools. Laptop visitors to the Learning Commons will find a high speed 802.11n wireless network, convenient electrical locations and laptop-friendly seating.


Selley Study Commons

Selley Study Commons

The Selley Study Commons is a quiet study area on the 3rd floor that offers furniture designed for quiet, individual study.  There is also enough electrical power on the floor to provide outlets adjacent to nearly all 232 user seats.  The area has been officially named the Selley Study Commons in honor of Paul P. and Elizabeth Selley, and the Selley Foundation, which provided the original funds to develop the same space into a reading and study area.

The Study Commons provides seats that are nearly all private seating rather than group seating around tables.   Still, students wishing to study together in groups in the study commons can effectively do so, since most of these private seats are grouped in clusters and where new tables are provided they are more effectively placed.   These furniture clusters are of four basic types:  Carrel  seating (seat clusters with 4 units each, two units on each side), Pod work stations (work station seating in circular sets for single users), and Individual lounge seating with privacy screens (individual soft chairs with built-in tablet arms and accompanying movable privacy screens with white boards).

Power is provided in open areas of the Selley Study Commons via 16 new outlets available on the columns, 88 new floor outlets, and 124 new outlets available along the front of the building facing Newcomb Place.  This area of library is set up for wireless network access for students to use laptop computers and other devices they bring with them to the library to assist with studying.

Group Study

 There are two group study rooms, located in the first floor stacks. In addition to power outlets, these rooms contain presentation screens to work with laptops. These rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for groups of two or more people.

Additionally, there are large tables located in the 3rd floor reading area that can be used for quiet group study.

The Learning Commons, located on the first floor of the library, contains several large tables that can also be used for group study.

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